Top Benefits of Hiring Audio-Visual equipment suppliers
6 Oct

Top Benefits of Hiring Audio-Visual equipment suppliers

AVC are responsible for the audio and visual aspects of many public events, corporate gatherings, important meetings, and fancy parties. As audiovisual equipment suppliers, we ensure that all our clients receive the highest levels of professionalism and equipment on the market for their events.

Many event venues, such as conference centres, hotels and theatres will have their own in-house AV company that can be used when a client books an event there. But what if you do not? What should you do if you have a one-off event or lack the equipment for large scale events?

AVC offer audiovisual equipment hire, rigging, projection mapping, online activity options among a host of other services.

But with this, what are the benefits of hiring an AV equipment suppliers’ company and what benefits can we provide you?

5 Benefits of using AVC as your Audio-visual equipment suppliers

Complimentary Repairs

When you hire AVC, you benefit from receiving repair services on the pieces of equipment that you’re using. Although we hope you never require these services it is always great to have the option and our team ready to help.

The repairs will be done more quickly than they would, if you had to initiate them yourself.

Reduced Storage and Transportation Costs

If you’ve ever had to move a boat, a house, or any other large item from place to place, then you know how costly the experience can be. Luckily, when using audiovisual equipment suppliers, you get to dodge the transportation and storage costs associated with the equipment.

It’s not your job to figure out how to transport the equipment or where to store it, that’s ours.

A Dedicated Team

When you use AVC our entire team is on board to assist with your event in any capacity that we can. Regardless of how big your event is, the team is there and ready to deal with any problems that could arise.

Need more equipment last minute? No problem. That’s what the AVC team is there for.

The team you work with will be made up of specialists and professionals, all of which know what they’re doing and how to make your event go smoothly.

Audio Visual Equipment Suppliers

Up-to-Date Equipment

The equipment you receive from AVC is up-to-date and the most recent that you could buy. This is a huge benefit when you consider the potential problems of having out of date or old equipment.

For example, a system from as few as 5 years ago might lack a certain piece of technology that last year’s newest upgraded model has – a piece of equipment that you need for your event!

Your audio-visual equipment suppliers at AVC ensure only the best for our clients.

Saves Time

Not only do you benefit from lower costs when you hire AVC, but you also benefit from retaining your valuable time. Since the AVC team has been hired, you can sit back and let us do the leg work that comes with managing AV equipment.

This should reduce your stress levels, free up your time, and let you focus on other aspects of the event.

The benefits of using audiovisual equipment suppliers over having an in-house team are numerous. From saving money on storage and transportation to having the help of an entire team of AV specialists, there’s a benefit or two that’s guaranteed to speak to you.