Online Conference Platforms are they right for you?
6 Oct

Online Conference Platforms are they right for you?

Online conference platforms deploy software that enables companies to conduct interactive meetings online. Demand for online conference platforms has grown significantly in recent years, partially due to the pandemic.

Additionally, companies have had to make the shift from on-premises meetings to hosting virtual conferences. The size and scope of online conferencing have changed considerably and so have the platforms which can host them and the companies which help to manage online events.

With so many online conference platforms currently available, it’s easy to get lost in the fray. Knowing which platforms to use, what you need to look for in these platforms and the businesses that can help, is vital to your business.

It can also be a better option to allow third parties to run and manage your events. They take care of the technical aspects, so you can take care of the messaging and approach of your online conferences.

What Your Platforms Should Do?

When examining which online conferencing platforms to use, it is prudent to look at what they can deliver for you. Some of the features to prioritise include:

  • The ability to host events for many people – Does your organisation have many attendees at your events, is it localised or international, how do they need to view your presentation? These are all questions which must be considered.
  • Screen Sharing – Do you need to share screens to collaborate effectively? Is your conference going to have interactive projects and questions?
  • Real-Time Chat – Some projects may require constant communication between project members. Will your chats need to be audio or written text, do you need to view everyone within the online platform?
  • Webcasting – Do you need to play a clip to back up your work? Or use outside media to assist in your presentation?

If you can answer these questions, you can narrow down the search for the online conference platform that is best for your business.

Why We Use Online Conference Platforms

Online conference platforms are some of the most innovative breakthroughs of the internet age. Even for complex projects, collaboration in the workplace is now supported by multiple devices and robust software, enabling timely updates and concise feedback. Notable online platforms include Teams by Microsoft, Slack, Zoom and TeamViewer.

Moving to a New Era

Companies need to find more efficient ways to handle tasks as we progress to cloud-based solutions and other newer technologies such as 5G. The innovation is poised to disrupt businesses and world economies. Online conferencing help automate tasks such as scheduling, real-time communication between all levels of an organisation and ensures a more cohesive workplace.

Eliminating Traditional Barriers

Virtual presence via online conference platforms effectively eliminates the space-time constraint since anyone can log into meetings from anywhere. Gone are the days when certain ‘key’ individuals had to be present for meetings. This eliminates such delays as they can be present for all events.

From You to the World

One of the most exciting features of online conference platforms is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This technology allows users to make phone calls from virtually anywhere in the world if they have a stable internet connection. With this kind of power, conference calls come into the picture. One user creates a link, and everyone else clicks on it and joins the conversation.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Remote work powered by online conference platforms has grown by an impressive 159% in the last decade. Online conferences are now a core part of most organizations as they facilitate collaboration on projects when physical meetings are impossible, which is often the case. The corona virus pandemic has added to these numbers, and many companies are seriously considering using online conference tools for the foreseeable future.

What Works Best for You

Online conference applications are here to stay; the next step is figuring out which one is best for your business. As companies and businesses adopt online conference solutions, it is important to note that each business is unique. Implementing online conference systems takes time, money, and training. So, it is vital to make the right choice and stick to it. 

Choosing an Online Conferencing Third-Party

If you cannot find a suitable online conference platform for your business, then perhaps it’s time you look to a third party for assistance, such as AVC.

We can manage all your online conference needs and host an array of events using specialized software. AVC take care of the technical aspects allowing you to create an amazing conference for your team.

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