Light at the end of the tunnel…
17 May

Light at the end of the tunnel…

At last some really positive news with the recent and a clear roadmap to the future.

An Taoiseach Micheál Martin has stated as regards restrictions “we will go as fast as possible in lifting more”

2 million vaccinations will be delivered as we finish the 2nd week in May you can’t help feeling optimistic for the return to some sort of normality this year!

With that in mind you just can’t help looking to the possibility of live events. Its an itch we have to scratch! Its been so long since companies, organisations or Associations have really got together in person to plan, network or just enjoy time socially.

People can come together again after many months of working in isolation from home offices and living in our various bubbles.

The coming Summer months gives us all an opportunity to ease back in to connecting again.

“outdoor activities will be the theme of the Summer” An Taoiseach Micheál Martin.

Our dedicated production team are constantly exploring innovative ways whereby our clients can enjoy the benefits of a live event delivered in a safe manner while still being mindful of the importance of following the latest Guidelines & best practices.

Outdoor Screens

AVC has a large number of options for outdoor Screens from large Inflatable projection screens to LED Solutions.

We offer a range of affordable LED screen hire solutions, from curved indoor p2 to outdoor p4.8, with many alternatives between. These Led Screens use the very latest technology to display resolutions of 4K x 2K (10m x 5m) or an incredible 8K x 1K (20m x 2.5m).

Mobile Stages

We also have a wide range of outdoor mobile stages that offer a wide range of stage solutions to meet all budgets.


There is now a real reason to be hopeful “outdoor activities will be the theme of the Summer” An Taoiseach Micheál Martin.

All we need now is some good weather I hear you say.

Well the Old Moore’s Almanac has got more predictions right than you can shake a stick at.  Such as the Coronavirus pandemic & Donald Trump losing the White House to name but a few. Some of its earliest copies dates back over 250 years and are housed in the Long Library, Trinity College

It predicts a scorching Summer for Ireland… that’s good enough for me to stay optimistic!