Audio Visual Company – Getting Greener
20 Nov

Audio Visual Company – Getting Greener

While working from home for some of us is more prevalent in 2020 here at AVC we still have 7 offices nationwide in continual use with online events.

One of the issues that was raised in our weekly meetings was our increase in power consumption due to the demand in our inhouse Virtual studios.

We decided to look at ways of offsetting or even improving on this additional power usage. We identified quite quickly that our buildings lighting was an area we could make considerable changes for the better.

Each of our 7 offices had mixture of fluorescent or halogen lighting in all office areas and in the warehouses Sodium vapour fittings. These types of lighting fittings were doing nothing to help in reducing our Carbon footprint.

An audit of each office gave us a total of just over 300 individual light fittings we needed to change.

We did need to convince our Financial controller of the overall cost benefits when weighing up the initial outlay for replacement of so many light fittings.  Especially when all the existing lights were working! The return on investment certainly won him over.

LED lights have a considerably longer lifespan than traditional types of lighting. Up to 4 times longer than Fluorescent or Sodium vapour and 40 times longer than incandescent lamps.

As led ‘s consumes much less power we estimate in office areas improvement in overall energy efficiency could be up to 75% and in our warehouses as much as 90%.

Another day to day benefit is the actual quality of the light emitted from LED is also far superior. LED have a very high Colour Rendering Index which is the lights ability to show an actual object in its true colour as it would appear in natural day light. So a win win.

We certainly don’t miss the occasional flicking fluorescent.