Case Study – CUDA Virtual AGM

CUDA is a forward-looking development association which represents and serves progressive credit unions with a strong voice, leadership and value-creating solutions.


Facing ongoing Covid Lockdowns CUDA was tasked with the necessity of delivering their annual AGM to its members in a new format. Like many the only solution was to go online.


The Task:

On the day the CUDA Virtual AGM had to get the normal business of their AGM done while avoiding and not being incumbered by a myriad of potential technical problems from working online. At the same time adhering to all the Central Banks strictest regulations, online voting, data security, etc.



After our initial client meeting we gained an understanding of what was needed from a technical point of view to allow CUDA deliver on the statutory obligations of the AGM. So we set about creating a smooth presentation plan. Allowing for external contributions was a vital component of the AGM while also being conscious of security. We discussed and planned for:

  • Registration
  • Attendance recording
  • Voting
  • Delivery of presentations & pre-recorded reports
  • Content management & recording
  • Remote contributions from members throughout the AGM

We formatted a tailored backdrop image for our LED backdrop, used a 3-camera shot set up along with all the other extensive array of equipment available to us behind the scenes.  Such as Lighting, sound, visual content formatting and autocue facilities.


On The Day:

With all our preparations done in advance the day arrived! Michael O’Mahony Chairperson of CUDA National Council & Kevin Johnson CUDA CEO joined us in studio. As 10am approached all the other virtual attendees had also joined and we went live. Opening remarks were delivered by Michael and the business of AGM was under way. There was an address by the CEO and various pre-recorded and live reports run throughout from multiple contributors.  Informative Videos were played for the audience at intervals which were a great addition to the normal business of a AGM.

Various live votes were also taken on proposals all of which went smoothly. With no other additional business, the meeting was concluded not before the Formal closing address by the CEO, Kevin Johnson.

We strived to give CUDA a well-run and seamless AGM where all the complexities of their virtual AGM’s technical requirements did not in any way hinder the business of the meeting. At the conclusion of the AGM, it was agreed by all parties the AGM was a success and had exceeded expectations. This was in no small part due to the pre-production and the delivery and performance on the day by the AVC studio crew and of course ultimately largely due to the assistance of CUDA themselves.


Clients Feedback:

“Thank you Seamus and Craig for helping make our virtual AGM a very smooth event.  Recognising our requirements under the Industrial & Provident Societies Acts, your professional assistance with the preparation and the hosting was very much appreciated.  Thanks for making us all feel at ease, look forward to working with you again.”


Kevin Johnson
Chief Executive Officer
Credit Union Development Association

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